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Graduation @ Memorial Stadium

Posted Date: 05/13/2022

Graduation @ Memorial Stadium


Dear LHS Seniors and Parents,

Earlier today we announced a graduation ceremony venue change to TVE.  This was due to the fact that we are having to fix serious safety issues with the playing surface at Memorial Stadium.  There is a very tight window on getting this done and for having enough time for the grass to regrow in time for the first games this fall.

We understandably received calls from parents who respectfully voiced their disappointment with this decision.  We especially appreciate parents and community members who know how to voice concerns in a respectful manner.     This is very important to your family; we understand that.

Please know that over the past couple of hours, Coach Lackey and Coach Slack, Robert Ward, Dusty McGee, and I have been working to try to find a viable solution.  We have visited again with the company that will help us re-level the field and get it back where it will be nice and safe. They have agreed to basically jump to work immediately after graduation and work through weekends or whatever it takes to make up for the delayed start on this project.

So, we will stick to the original plan and have graduation at Memorial Stadium and use TVE as a backup in case of rain.    

I am proud of Coach Lackey for his efforts in leading the charge to make our facilities and playing surfaces safer.  He is a father of six Liberty Panthers and agrees that graduation is very important. He is on board with taking a gamble on us getting this field done in time. This summer he and his coaches will likely be hoping and praying for good weather and good progress on the re-leveling and grass re-growing……..and maybe we, too, can say a little prayer with them on that!...and also…..please pray for no thunderstorms on graduation night!!!

We all are so proud of all of our LHS Graduating Seniors.  We wish them the best as they enter the world as adults to pursue their dreams.

Thank you and Go Panthers!

Cody Abshier, Ed.D.