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Distinguished Alumnus Award

Alumni Information



Liberty ISD Distinguished Alumni Criteria


The purpose of the Distinguished Alumnus Award is to honor deserving Liberty Independent School District alumni who have excelled in their field, made significant contributions to their community, and served as a positive role model and leader.



Nominees must be an alumnus of Liberty ISD:


  • Nominees must be graduates of Liberty ISD.

  • Nominations will only be accepted for alumni who have been out of school for at least 15 years or more, which would include graduates of Liberty High School from 2009 and earlier. 

  • Nominations can be awarded posthumously.

  • Nominees must meet the criteria for recognition as stated in the purpose.

  • Recipients will be selected by the Liberty ISD Distinguished Alumni Committee.

  • All nominations are subject to verification.

  • Nominations are OPEN. We look forward to hearing the impact our graduates are making around the world.


Committee Requirements

  • Committee members are appointed by the school board.

  • Candidates must not be a member of the Selection Committee when considered for induction.

Inductee Requirements

  • Individuals selected for induction into the Liberty ISD Distinguished Alumni will be responsible for and must agree to the following:

    • Participate in a videotaped interview conducted by Liberty ISD Communications Department prior to the event.

    • Submission of a 5”x7” professional photo.

      • Inductees may arrange to have a professional photo taken by the Liberty ISD Communications at no charge.

    • Provide additional news articles, photos, and video (if available) to the Liberty ISD Communications that will help highlight your career.

Distinguished Alumni Ceremony

  • The Distinguished Alumni Ceremony is held each year at the Homecoming Football Game.


Click here for the Distinguished Alumni Application.